Big City Life

I have not always lived in a city. I was raised in a very small town called New Port Richey, where I went to a tiny private school with 15-20 people in my class at any given time. It was an enriching experience for me and definitely character building, but at the same time I mostly tend to give people around me the benefit of the doubt and assume that everyone is good intentioned, at times to my detriment. I believe that I am and was like this because of my small town beginnings.

I wanted to go to the big public school so badly-- I think it was the pent up "bad girl" inside that wanted to explode. I ended up being a bit of a rebel in middle and high school, which is pretty normal, but I took it to another level. 

Now I am definitely what you would consider a good girl. Most people don't believe that I was anything but that because I am somewhat of a rule following goody two shoes. That being said, I am proud of myself for living and surviving a big city. I've built up a bit of a thick skin to criticism, back stabbing and strife that sometimes comes from living in a big city where people are fighting to survive and thrive. I've learned a few tricks and tips from friends and family along the way and of course I am still growing. 

 Photographed by Henry Finch

Photographed by Henry Finch

This is my "tribal chic" look. I love the concept of this dress because its tight and sexy but also coy and classy. It's a sophisticated look and a bit of a show stopper - the heels set it off.  I'm loving black with white lately because of the stark contrast and edge. The above shot felt so South Beach to me, so we had to get it :) 

The Outfit

Midi Dress | Forever 21 |

|Shoes | Christian Dior |

Photographer Instagram : @henry_finch_