1940's Glam

Ever since I discovered how to curl my hair, the 1940's have been one of my my favorite eras of style. To me the 1940's explored beauty and glam in a fundamentally conservative light which I love. Tailored dresses, corsets and fab hair style are just a few of the things that made this style culture tick.

This look, while it was not my intention, turned into a 40's inspired look. The good news is, 2015 is the perfect time to dress in the attire of any era and people won't bat an eyelash. So, let's all take advantage even when its not Halloween because freedom is style is a brilliant right to all of mankind!

Photographed by the talented: Saad Hameed

I was very excited about this look because it made me feel very mature and polished. This, out of all of the looks I put on for the blog so far, is the most feminine and classic as well. I loved the mix of the satin - like material with the wool on a cool autumn morning. I also got very excited about the blue pumps that subtly matched with the cropped jacket.

Obviously a tailored is look is not something that you can wear everyday, but a romantic look like this is perfect for a movie or dinner date or even work in an office. Regardless of where you go, I guarantee you will feel like a million bucks and extremely classy.

The Outfit

| Cropped Jacket | Forever 21 |

| Midi Skirt | angl |

| Pumps | H & M |

Photographer Instagram: @SaadHameedphotography

Photographer website: www.Saad-Hameed.com

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