A RETAIL Evolution!

Hello FRUMFASHers :) 

Been a LONG while since I've checked in. FRUMFASH (and I) have certainly evolved. When I started this blog coming up on THREE year ago in September, I always knew that this would be a channel for me for many great things to come into my life and the lives of my loved ones. Recently I got engaged (Yay!) to a man I am so in love with! This news is very exciting and has pushed me to start thinking about new topics and the future.  

As an added bonus, I recently started having life retail pop up shops around South Florida. The pop up shops have taken place anywhere from Torah Seminars, to Women's Events, to Pop Up Markets. This type of work is very fun! Because I have been focusing on the pop up boutique, I have not been doing as many photo shoots and as much blogging.

Additionally, photographers are not as easy to come by in South Florida as they are in Southern California. So that is an added reason. For that reason, I hinted over and over to my family that I wanted a DSLR camera and I was gifted one for my birthday from my mom and brother! When the time is right, I will be doing more FRUMFASH photoshoots with friends and other beautiful souls of love and light, in addition to more blogging. 

In the meantime, I have my work cut out for me with the Pop Up Retail locations. It's fun, but very hard work and a lot of shlepping, but I never stop having a positive outlook and perspective. Because I know that every time I have a clothing sale, I am actually curating my and allowing my own dreams to come true.  It's a crazy - awesome feeling! 

Below are some photos of some of the sales that I have been doing around South Florida! 






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