As We Reunite

Crossing paths with people is such a profound concept. One day you don't know someone, and the next day your soul is intricately tied to their's.  A soul connection is a very moving experience for everyone involved and affects you sometimes for a lifetime. That is something for which to be thankful. 


Photographed by Bradford Mahler


This past month I attended a very fun and interesting event  -- my high school's alumni weekend. It was very fascinating to see what everyone was up to nowadays. Everybody seemed to be doing very well. I seemed to connect and be bonded to the same people, which is kind of incredible and proves that people don't really change fundamentally and at their core. 

Prior to the reunion, I connected with Brad, who is a photographer, about doing a photoshoot for my blog. He was excited about doing it, so we planned it and shot on Sunday of the reunion. We shot at Lake Waramaug, where we both used to row for crew as teenagers, and an amazing creek, just by our high school. It was such an enriching experience to have come full circle from my high school years -- additionally, Brad has honed his skills into very, very talented photographer and I would recommend him to anyone. Yay for our class! 


Photographed by Bradford Mahler

Photographed by Bradford Mahler

My dress from the shoot is vintage which is on the top of my list of ways to shop. There are endless options when you start expanding your selections to all of the decades! Also yet another way to "reconnect", only with clothes ;) 

It's from American Vintage, which is a local clothing chain and has a really cool and eclectic selection of vintage dresses and other items. 

Photographed by Bradford Mahler


Photographed by Bradford Mahler

I hope that you enjoyed our photos, and the journey of Brad and I during our alumni weekend. It was a blast! 



The Outfit

| Dress | Vintage (American Vintage) |

| High Heels | Lola's Shoetique |

| Necklace | Forever 21 |

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