Ballerina in the City

Oh Los Angeles. Thank you so much for your beautiful buildings, weather and people. So many beautiful things come out of LA and one of them is the encouragement of creative expression. Never have I been anywhere in the world with so many huge gorgeous homes which are funded by creative individuals -- actors, writers, designers, producers -- the list goes on. 

In this particular outfit, I was channeling one of my great creative loves, dancing. The beauty of fashion is that you can really channel WHATEVER you want, and then before you know it its a new day and you can be whoever you want the next day as well. Fashion can come from the deepest of places within you. From your most treasured desire and inspirations. I encourage each person to use fashion as a deep creative expression. In this way, fashion can be your vessel to get to where you want in life. 

Photographed by Gallant Ho

Photographed by Gallant Ho

Photographed by Gallant Ho

Photographed by Gallant Ho


The Outfit

Skirt | Love Culture |

| Top | Love Culture |

Heels Love Culture |

| Necklace Vintage


Special thanks to Gallant Ho for the spectacular photography.


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