Black on Black

Here I am again, wearing one of my favorite color schemes, black on black. It is often said that black is slenderizing, but I don't think that's the only reason why so many people wear it. Black is edgy, hip and stylish. Ok, so it's also slenderizing. What's the harm in that!?

I found this dress at Zara and I thought it was so unique I had to get it. Henry, the photographer, referred to it as modern vintage, which is pretty on point. It's also kind of gothic. The bottom is made of cruelty-free "leather" and the top lace, of course. It also has a cute little velvet tie on the collar. It's actually what sold me, believe it or not. I love me some velvet.

This whole shoot ended up looking pretty "dark" which I know is because of the way the dress made me feel. It is another one of those pieces that you put on and it transforms your entire mood. Behold the power of a garment.


The Outfit

| Dress | Zara|

| Gloves | Costume Store |

| Pumps | Boutique (LA Fashion District) |

Photographer Instagram: @Henry_Finch_

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