For Best Results: Love Thyself

Self love is such an important topic in my book. We are all our own best friends and mortal enemies at different times. I believe that we are all comprised of different parts of our "selves" that are all striving to live in unison and in relation with one another. This precisely why we all have "relationships" with ourselves.

The most important thing is to be kind to thyself. Read thought provoking books, take hot baths with most fragrant essential oils and eat the yummiest, most delicious food you can get your hands on. Make your life beautiful and you will surely have the best results for whatever you are trying to achieve. A tip a friend gave to me that I have been swearing by lately: never say anything bad about yourself out loud. You can't control your mind, but you can control your mouth. Even if its difficult for you, fight the urge to be unkind to yourself and be kind instead -- like you would with a best friend.

Photographed by the talented: Henry Finch

This shoot was a fun one because I had the very special opportunity to work side by side with the designer who designed the line of this sweater, Art Skool. We worked out a fun, artsy shoot in the streets on the Arts District, on a bridge overlooking downtown. I really love this line because the designer, Eric, made the shirts in memory of his father who was an artist. All art displayed on his products was created by his father. This touched me because my father was an artist as well.

My father was a major influence in this blog, as he used to not love to see me dress too overly provocative. As I am now the age where I could have my own children, I can see it clearly through his eyes and appreciate his guidance.

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Photographer Instagram: @Henry_Finch_

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