For My Dad

Today, sitting here at 11:30pm on my dad's Yarhzeit, I decide to proceed with my blog by writing a post in honor of him.

My dad was a delightfully wonderful man. He was sensitive, caring, intelligent and kind. I am so grateful for the time I spent with him. Losing him at the age of 17 has taught me so much about life; so much about love.

It has taught me to really tell people you care for them and to really tell people you appreciate them when you do. It has taught me to love with no bounds or limits. It has taught me to deeply treasure friends, family and those that I care about. It has taught me to be sensitive and kind to everyone -- you never know who could be deeply suffering. It has taught me to live life to the fullest and go for my dreams-- to never waste a moment and use my time wisely. Life has taught me so much too, but loss, as painful as it is, has a silver lining.

Anyone who has been through loss understands that to a certain degree, one must rebuild his or her archetype in order to thrive. Often times in life we rebuild and, from it, a wellspring of wisdom arises.

The following photos remind me of my father because his favorite color was purple-- the color purple is known to have deep spiritual meaning and it often tied to creativity, individuality and imagination. Seems like a good color to have around.

Enjoy the photos and my return to FRUMFASH after a brief hiatus.


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