Fostering Your Inner Child

Your inner child. What makes us all tick. You may not realize it, but it's true. That tiny voice inside of you that wants you to live the fullest life possible. That is the tiny you that wants to push you to be your best self. That little “living voice” that voice can help you reach your highest potential; your highest dream.

I have always had the feeling that children are slightly prophetic. Partly because they seem to be SO sure of themselves no matter what they are talking about and partly because they are completely untainted by life. I remember when I was a child, I was so purely myself, and then I reached a point when I changed. I became insecure. I listened to others tell me what was best for me and what I needed to do, a lot of this happening when I was at a very vulnerable point in my life. All of these changes left me feeling very unsure... about everything. It’s terrifying to not know what direction your compass is telling you to go.  It can make you feel very lost, and alone.

Everyone has been through this to some degree. Some say this is what your 20’s are all about. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.  My roommate in LA and friend of 25 years, Jen refers to it as Saturn's Return . This is a time in your life when you return to your normal self—you come back from searching in the woods, to you—to your truth.

In the words of a very wise friend -- We were not put on this earth to suffer. 

This shoot meant a lot to me. This child belongs to my dear friend, Jessica, and having the opportunity to do a shoot with her meant the most magical of things. One of them being an expression of child + inner child + Adulthood. All of these concepts are inherently tied together in the beautiful latticework that we call life. 

I met Jessica when we were just three years old in preschool, and now her daughter, Layla, pictured here, is three years old as well. It was such a privilege to be able to spend time with Layla at this beautiful point in her life. Being around them reminded me that those little people inside of us still exist—and not to ignore them, for they will lead us to paradise if only we let them, for they only want the very best for you. 

I hope you enjoy our photos, taken by Momma and best friend Jess—and now photographer!

PS- please never underestimate the power of being a mommy or daddy – it is a tough job!!!!!



Not all those who wander are lost.
J.R.R. Tolkien

The Outfits


Dress | OshKosh B'Gosh |

Overshirt | GAP |

| Shoes | Sam and Cat


| Dress | Forever 21 |

| Overshirt | Lucky Brand |

| Shoes | Flojo's

Choker | Ribbon

Special Thanks to:

Jessica - for being amazing and being Layla's momma. You are doing the best job ever and I am so proud of you!  Also for photographing this shoot, and last but not least for being a loyal friend for all these years.

Brad - for writing and direction Me + You , which partly inspired this blog post <3

Broghan - for being Layla's father and serving our country in Afghanistan. Also for being a loyal friend and an A+++++ husband to Jessica.

Jen - for teaching me about Saturn's Return and so many other interesting facts, for being my roommate + friend and for supporting me in and understanding my crazy antics. :) 

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