"Frum Fash"

The main reason I started this blog is because I love the idea of of making a blog where showing skin is not the main reason for people to visit and re-visit my site. I love putting together pretty outfits and I have been doing this since I was just a wee one, and also in recent years I have dabbled in styling and modeling - and I know so well that showing skin is not and should not the heart and soul of fashion.

I feel very strongly about fashion as an art form and using as a mode of expression, empowerment and creativity for men and women alike.


This look is inspired by my prep school years. Coming from Florida to Connecticut for prep school, I was shocked to find the difference between the styles in the Northeast and where I was from. In Florida I was a pretty funky dresser and rocked flip-flops 90% of the time. In Connecticut, the girls in my school treasured brands like Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer, Vinyard Vines and Sperry. The closest thing I had ever been to preppy before was short shorts from abercrombie kids.

The differences were strange to me, but I eventually grew to appreciate it and even added my own spin the uniform and style. As of now it is ingrained in me to dress like this time and time again. Above I am rocking an oxford and V-neck sweater, a look I have grown to love, a flirty pleated skirt and a bright pink lipstick. Preppy styles can tend to run a little bit androgynous so a touch of femininity is key.


Playing in downtown LA with Henry was so fun. It was a scorcher, but ice coffee and putting my hands in this fountain cooled us down.


Empowered in the city.


| Sweater | H & M |

|Oxford Shirt| United Colors of Benetton |

| Skirt | H & M |

Shoes (not pictured) |Blake Scott|

Photographer Instagram: @Henry_Finch_

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