FRUMFASH Presents: Petite Pointers

I recently did a photo shoot with Jessica, who is a petite young lady who would prefer to be taller. Shooting with Jessica is always fun because she is very knowledgable about fashion and especially knowledgable about petite fashion. From our powers combined, we were able to come up with an amazing look and list of rules for the ladies out there who are "a little less than tall".

Disclaimer: I believe being petite is beautiful, but the following tips are how to dress to accentuate your best petite self :) 

The following are a few of the photos. Enjoy! 


Photographed by the talented Peter A.D. Stahl


Photographed by the talented Peter A.D. Stahl


Photographed by the Talented Peter A. D. Stahl


Petite Dressing Tips

  • Stay away from horizontal stripes, as they make you look wider.

  • Dressing in solid colors elongates your figure. 

  • Use smaller (rather than larger) handbags, as larger handbags will cover your figure. 

  • Try to avoid anything puffy, such as ruffles. 

  • Extremely loose fitting tops or dresses may tend to make you look boxy.

  • Wear a belt around your waist to cinch a loose fitting dress or top. 

  • Thick fabrics that come close to your skin tend to look better on petite women.

  • If you are truly petite, (5'1 or under) shopping in the kids section for basics may be beneficial for length purposes. 

Thanks for reading!!!!!



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