Geisha Girl

This outfit was a thrill. :)

Getting out of the car in Venice, greeted by bikini clad girls, muscle shirts wearing guys and every other person on roller blades was a fun feeling. The red in my dress made me feel like I was in the spirit of the scene, even though I wasn't sporting a bikini or muscle shirt.

Photographed by the talented: Alexander Mosher Esper

This dress, originally a night gown believe it or not, was purchased vintage. Despite it being a nightie, I received a ton of compliments on it! I tied a thick black ribbon around the waist to create a waistline, something that I commonly do, since I tend to buy loose fitting clothes often.

I think the result was very cool, and yes, very geisha ;)


"See you later!!"


| Dress | Vintage |

| Belt / Thick Ribbon | Can be purchased at any crafts store |

Shoes | Forever 21 |

Photographer Instagram: @akazander

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