Goodbye, My Love

In the recent weeks, I have decided to leave the effervescent bubble of reality commonly known as LA and come back to the place where I am from, Florida. Miami to be specific. My adventure in LA was kind, bold, and definitely eventful, and my decision to leave is not set in stone, as I have so many friends to come back to who have love for me, as I have love for them.

I lived in LA for 3 years and I have learned so many things. One of them being: Life is funny. In our mind exists so many different realms, all waiting to be explored, and sometimes different experiences and places, can bring them out of us and help us experience different sides of ourselves. Anyone who ventures into LA, especially the bold people who decide to live there, will tell you-- there is an undeniable creative force that exists within the "four walls" we call the "City of Angels" or Los Angeles. Perhaps it is the people with their constant swirl of ideas and the buzz of creative collaboration that emanates from almost every conversation being had in most parts of Los Angeles. It could be driving by movie sets on the regular, or photo shoots, art murals, architecture, the houses in the hills, fancy inspiring spots like Rodeo Drive -- or maybe its just simply the Hollywood sign. Ha ha.

Whatever it is that's going on, for me, personally, LA opened up a part of my mind, and a part of my soul, that had never been opened before. I definitely dabbled in some energy healing and had quite an artistic journey and evolution while living in there, so that could be the reason. Some may call it the inner child, but I simply call it "following my heart". We all deserve to follow our hearts, it is quite refreshing to do so. And not everyone's heart is going to lead to LA (although it seems like it with the amount of traffic on the 10) . . . Some people's hearts lead them to school, or a specific job, or a lover. Mine, at this point in my life, lead me back to Miami. The decision didn't make sense to a lot of people, but it made sense to me, so that is all that matters.

The following is the (second to) last photo shoot that I did in LA -- one I'm very proud of because it was fun and creative, like my LA experience, and because it includes photos of one of my very important friends I made while living there- Meghan the mannequin ( Haha - I do have real friends in LA - I promise! ) Anywho, enjoy the photos and speak to you soon <3

Photo by Saad Hameed

Photo by Saad Hameed

Photo by Saad Hameed

Photo by Saad Hameed


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