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Hey Everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving! I present to you a special thanksgiving dress that perfectly embodies the Thanksgiving spirit and even pilgrim garb. Demure and modest, I picked up this turn of the century frock in a dusty tent at the Rosebowl Flea market in Pasadena. I couldn't believe I had to part with a full $5.... :)

It's amazing the finds you can get at a great flea market!

Photographed by the talented: Saad Hameed

This Thanksgiving, I have the week off from work and basically all of my obligations so I'm running away to the desert for a couple of days and then coming back for Thanksgiving with my family. I love California because you are never too far away from all of the different phenomenons that the earth has to offer – beaches, mountains, ski slopes, cliffs, agriculture – in fact I found a tomato crop in the field where these photos were taken with delicious tomatoes. And today I will go to a California phenomenon that I have not yet experienced – the hot springs :)


In closing, please do something fun, relaxing and lovely this thanksgiving week. You deserve it! And something you should NEVER forget is the importance of family in your life. Family makes us all better people and creates a balance of unconditional love amongst the chaos of our daily lives. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading!



The Outfit

| Dress | Vintage |

| Low Heeled Pumps | Vintage |

Photographer Instagram: @SaadHameedphotography


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