Her Broken Wings

When I first landed in Florida from my cross country trip, I was in rough shape to say the least. I was run down and felt, in many ways, broken. Everyone told me LA would be a tough city, but it took really going there and experiencing it to see that. People move to LA to build successful careers and sometimes they will step on whoever they need to to make it to the top of the "mountain." Ultimately, I got stepped on a few too many times and I needed to make a safe exit before I was forced to live with any additional broken bones.

I did find good friends there. Thank goodness there were moments of bliss during my time in California. I am so grateful for the people who helped me see glimpses LA's glimmering beauty.

Since returning here, I have in many ways, learned to fly again. I have nursed myself back to health by surrounding myself with the most loving of people and I have managed to get a clear vision of what I want. I am so grateful that I have had the ability to piece myself back together to be the Libby I once was :)

The following is a photo shoot I did with a new photographer, Alicia Trisciuzzi, and my old friend, and very successful fashion designer and stylist, Mariea Huynh, AKA NonSense 305. She recently came out with a line of jackets which were featured at Art Basel and I had the brilliant opportunity to see her jackets at the show.

A move can bring so many unexpected pleasant surprises. ;)



Thanks for reading <3

Libby's Outfit

Skirt | Vintage Express

Underskirt | HM

Jacket | Vintage

Shoes | Kilame

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