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This past Thursday, May 12th, was a highly anticipated holiday for the Jewish people - Yom Ha'atzmaut, or Israeli Independence Day. All over the world, the anniversary of the signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence is celebrated. This day was a joyous one indeed for the Jewish people has they finally had a place to lay their hats, to say the least. 

"Home is where the heart is" - is a commonly said idiom. 

How can your heart be anywhere if you don't have a home? 

We celebrate this day in hopes and happiness that an Israeli State continues to prevail. 

Below are photos from the Israeli Independence Day festival that takes place in Los Angeles. I attended and we got some cool shots of people, especially some girls rocking FrumFash :) Styled by them, of course. It was an inspiring day indeed. 

Photo by Freed Productions

Photo by Freed Productions

Photo by Freed Productions

The Sensation in Tel Aviv, a city in Palestine, could be felt in the air, Jerusalem was under siege while the Brits had just departed, and the Declaration of Independence was to be signed in Tel Aviv that day. Old generations were speechless, the youth excited, an explosion of happiness satisfied the long hoping hearts with the achievement of The Dream.

Everyone had their true dreams sparkling inside, everyone was moved by them, and it is everything that was and is important for us. An old dream that came true with a wonderful message, every dream can come true, we only need to keep that fire burning.

— Danny, 24, Former Israeli Soldier living in Los Angeles, CA


Special Thanks and Credits to:

Freed Productions

(For the awesome photographs)

Please check out their awesome YouTube channel, Marcus Recommends. 

Lieders Restaurant

(for letting us photograph your children, and for having yummy shabbat take-out) 


8721 West Pico Blvd.

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