It's Hard Out There for an Artiste...

This post I am dedicating to my journey as an artist.

Being an artistic soul is not so easy. A lot of people think that it's the "easy way out" or the "lazy life" but believe me it is anything but.

Most of us probably work more often then people who are not artists. It's tough to make a living as an artist, but it is a definite possibility. So, those of you who are on the path, please don't give up. You owe it to the world to spread your message and heart.

Photographed by the talented: Alexander Mosher Esper

I have a lot of friends who are artists. Some who are "making it", and some who are still on their way. The beautiful thing is, both of these types of people have something to offer the world to make it a more fantastic, loving and colorful place to live. Let's face it: art adds a dimension to the world that so many other fields cannot, so if you have that gift, I say go for it.

This day, in Venice Beach with Alex, I put this outfit on and instantly I felt in touch with my dark side. Some may call that my creative side. To me however, darkness is just a potential for light when its uncovered.

My mom always taught me that loose should be worn with tight, just like opposites attract, so that is that I did with this look. I took a skin tight dress and put a loose fitting shirt over it to create a bit of a contrast. The result was stylish and made me feel confident. As for the black, well, everyone has to be in touch with their dark side every once and a while. It's just more fun ;)


The Outfit

| Shirt | Thrift |

Dress | H &M |

Shoes | Betsey Johnson |

Photographer Instagram: @akazander

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