Keep on the Sunny Side

"Keep on the sunny side

always on the sunny side

keep on the sunny side of life.

It will brighten all the way, it will help us every day

If we keep on the sunny side of life"

There are two roads before you. One is dark, dreary and gloomy, and one is bright, happy and positive. Which one do you choose? The answer is not so simple. But ideally, you should always choose to be bright and happy rather than dark and gloomy.

Having faith and being positive are some of the best things you can do to have a great life. Almost definitely there will always be darkness looming somewhere in the picture, but its whether we choose to ignore it to dwell on it.

Darkness has it's place, too. After all, without darkness, there would be no light (or no knowledge of what light even is) but what I hope for you reading this right now is that light prevails and opens up all the doors you need to get to where you want to go.

The following photos are where darkness meets light. There is always an intermingling of the two to create any artistic piece with any contrast at all. The colors are pink, black and white. All basics, in my book.

Enjoy <3

Happy Oscars Night !!


Photographed by Alicia Trisciuzzi


Suspenders / Skirt | Express Vintage

Turtle Neck | XXI

Thigh High Boots | LA Fashion District

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