Melrose Fun

I always love fun days on Melrose. It's my absolute favorite place to shop in LA. You can get anything from made in China leggings to top of the line couture gowns to unique and gorgeous vintage pieces. It's really quite incredible. Growing up my family used to travel to LA a lot and we would always hit the shops on Melrose. The streets would be flooded with people. Nowadays, with the rise of online shopping and indoor malls, there are far less people sauntering the streets, but the shops are still just as trendy and full of great finds. So this post will be my official homage to Melrose! Now... go shop! 

Photographed by Saad Hammed

The Outfit

| Skirt| American Apparel |

| T-Shirt | Forever 21 |

| Shoes | Boutique |

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