Modesty Is the Best Policy

There is a lot more that goes into being modest than just clothes. Modesty is a frame of mind that is very valuable for living in today's world. Modesty, perfectly put, is not showing everything all at once. Not telling everyone everything about you the first time you meet them. Letting people wonder. The mystique of a woman lies in what you do not know about her, rather than what you do. 

My favorite thing in the world is when my friends  (or my potential friends) are positively affected by what I am doing. When people approach me and encourage me to keep doing what I am doing, it is really a beautiful, peaceful feeling for me. My dream and goal is to change the world in a more positive way, which can be difficult and fun.

There are not many better experiences in this life than seeing and believing in positive results. So many people become jaded and lose faith in the concept of working hard and bringing positive results and light to those around you, but someone recently said to me that if you are making positive changes in your life, YOU are succeeding. I am now finding that to be true. 

In this post, which is a continuation of the post I made a few weeks ago with Jessica, I am showcasing the true inner beauty of a women who is dressed modestly. Jessica is a very chic and stylish dresser and I was so thrilled to be able to style her in a  beautiful green frock. It suited her skin tone so fabulously and made her look like a queen. My dress is a very sweet bohemian button up floral printed dress which I purchased locally consignment. I wore a light pink camisole under it, since it has a deep V and it looked really pretty. I was very proud of how these looks tied together with the beautiful Beverly Hills backdrop. Additionally, Peter captured all of it and he is a first rate photographer.

 I hope that you you enjoy the photos that we've created :) 


Photographed by the brilliantly talented, never ceases to amaze me, Peter A.D. Stahl

"The Jessica Walk" 


"But First..."


Happy Ending :) 

The Outfits


Dress | Vintage |

| Shoes | LF |

| Necklace | Forever 21 |


| Dress | Purchased Consignment Locally (no tags) |

| Shoes | Love Culture |

| Choker | China Town (NYC) | 


Peter A. D. Stahl

Instagram: @Peteradstahl


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