New Year, New Color Scheme

Hello, Happy New Year!

For the past few days on social media, I have been seeing countless posts with the inspiring words, "New Year, New Me". While I don't think that the new year is the only reason to better yourself, its certainly an acceptable one, and bettering oneself is always an excellent idea!

In 2017, especially with spring right around the corner, there is one thing I will always endorse, and that is rocking color. Ironically, I am the only one in this post wearing all black, but I figured why not let the girls have all the fun :) Color is the quickest way to brighten up your day and your heart. So let's paint the town red... or green... or pink!!!! Let's just paint it.

Here's to an unbelievably fulfilling year, full of happiness, laughter, love, passion, smiles, warmth and harmony.



The Outfits


| Skirt | Vintage |

| Top | H&M |

| Boots | All Saints |


| Skirt | Love Culture |

| Top | Love Culture |


| Skirt | XXI |

| Turtle Neck | H&M |

| Shoes | Sam & Libby |


| Skirt | Love Culture |

| Top | Juicy Couture |

Thanks for reading !

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