Meeting Kali was a joy. She was so sweet and funny and generous. She came to our friend's birthday dinner just in time for dessert and ordered an appetizer and then foot the bill for the entire meal. I had really never met someone like her before. She came from such an abundant perspective she actually really changed my outlook that night. She was wearing five beautiful and ornate rings on her fingers. All the girls loved the rings so much, that she took them off of her fingers and gave them to us and explained to all of us that she had her own jewelry line. This was our introduction to H.Crowne. 

It was a few months later that I texted Kali telling her that I featured her ring on my blog and coined it the "Abundance Ring" in honor of that night. She thought it was cute and told me it was actually called "Ophelia's Crowne", but that I could keep my name on my blog, which I did. A few weeks later, Kali had a trunk show at her show room in Hollywood, which really blew my sock off and opened my eyes as to what Kali had been up to in the past year. She told me to invite Ronit, who was the young lady who I styled with her ring on my blog post, and gave her an abundance ring as well. The following photos are some of the photos from Kali's Trunk Show for H.Crowne, her jewelry, crown and all things abundance line. 


The Sidis Crown

A Beautiful Assortment of Costumes

The View, magic hour, and black and white.

Photographed by Ronit Aronoff

My personal Favorite display

Close-up of Costumes

A Plethora of rings, crowns and beauty.

Rocking the Libertine Gold

Photographed by Ronit Aronoff

The Colossus Crown in all of it's glory

Kali and the girls


My Shirt - FifteenTwenty

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