Sunny Sunday

I just want to say HOORAY for finishing of my first blog post!! This blog has been a brain child of mine for quite some time, so the fact that it has actually come to fruition certainly merits an enormous celebration-- working more towards my dreams :)

My first FRUMFASH shoot was on a Sunday Morning and I wanted to incorporate my personal style while celebrating what it is and feels like to be an empowered woman living in today’s world. There is so much to being a woman; womanhood is truly sacred.

I was very happy with the outfit I picked today. I was going for feminine, conservative and classic - i.e. business elegant.

At a rare moment when the cute little ducks were not flocking into our photo :)


| Top | Bebe |

| Skirt | Vintage / Thrift |

Shoes | Christian Dior |

Photographer Instagram: @saadhameedphotography

Photographer Website:

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