The Power of a Smile

Imagine yourself in a dark room in which you can't see your hands if you were to put them in front of your face. You know that there is something marvelous in the room, but you simply cannot see it! This is when you shed some light on the situation! If you think of us all as rooms, with wonderful, amazing things inside, then it should be easy for you to fathom the concept of turning on the light to expose the beauty that lies within. Very often, we get by with the help of others.

A few nights ago, my friend and I were eating sushi in South Beach. As we were headed back to the car, high on life, the full moon and sushi, we saw a man who looked very down and out, and needless to say not in the best place in his life. At that moment, I decided to give him a sincere smile and we had a short conversation with him before walking back to the car. Afterwards, I had a discussion with my friend about how good it felt for us to shed a little sunshine on someone experiencing darkness. I realised that this is a natural human inclination that we all have, much like turning on the light!

We are all given the gift to channel God's divine light, to heal this world, so why not use that fire inside to warm the hearts of others and hope that they will pass it forward to do the same thing? I'd say its not a bad idea! We're all on this planet together, so let's help each other out:)

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