The Secret of Kindness

Kindness, a kind and gentle spirit, are attributes that will get you further in this world than you may even realize. Something that I have learned throughout my years of acquiring knowledge is that having anything less than a good attitude will leave you in not the best of places. Kindness, combined with a great attitude can lead you to heaven on earth :) 

With so much hatred and animosity running rampant on this earth, bringing the beauty of kindness onto the planet is one of our biggest hopes to bring us closer to world peace. 


Photographed by the talented: Saad Hameed


I believe that every person has the sensitivity in their heart to see the beauty in others. Sometimes it may take a little bit of self healing or self love to see this in others, but the amount of impact we can make on the earth if we do this is tremendous. 

I am pictured here with a few of my friends. I am a person who loves to be surrounded my friends at any given time who I can give love to. Friends are good for so many reason: being a surrogate family, giving and receiving love, laughing with, hearing a unique perspective of the world, teaming up with for creative projects, sharing your dreams with, supporting each other, picking each other up when you're down. . . the list goes on. Friends are one of the greatest gifts that life can bring you, really. 

So that's where it all starts, my friends. It starts with you. It starts with your inner circle. You, your heart and the hearts of your friends may have the ability to change the world - to bring a little healing to this earth by seeing things from a kind, generous compassion eye. If this is not something that you think about on a regular basis, I suggest you try :) It will bring the infamous sparkle to your life!  

I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Oh, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends

— The Beatles


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