The Weekend Away

This past weekend was a such a wonderfully, beautiful blessing, as I got to spend it with some of my dearest of friends -- one of them being Julia Barbie. The weekend started out with a big Shabbat dinner where Julia and I cooked all day long. We even made chullent, which is a beef stew that cooks all Friday night and is ready to eat for lunch on Shabbat. I never knew cooking could be so much fun, but Julia made a very agreeable team. Dinner was fun and we really want to entertain more in the future! 

As the weekend came to a close, I proposed to Julia that we do a shoot of her, showcasing her inner and outer beauty. Julia is a strong, independent woman who I admire so much. I feel so lucky to be friends with women who believe in themselves and their abilities to make things happen in the world. In addition to Julia being a director, producer and talent manager (and quite a talent herself... ), she is also starting an event planning company. Event planning takes a very special, multi-talented and understanding person and Julia is lucky that she elicits these talents to the utmost degree.

The following photos show how our weekend came full circle and we had the opportunity to do at Julia's home, with her dog, and with a very fun, artsy plot twist. We hope you enjoy.



Julia's Outfit

Top | Forever 21 |

Pleated Skirt | LF |

Heels | Angel | 

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