To Be a Princess

I started this blog almost exactly one year ago, September 2015, to be exact. And at the time, I had an inkling that I wanted to make a change, and felt like I could. It may have been during a time when I saw girls far too young appealing to men far too old by way that they dressed, it may have been from what I saw as a demand for modestly dressed role models, it may have been trying to progress the fashion industry in whatever way I knew how, and thus making bigger changes in society (after all, life imitates art). Whatever it was, at that time, it has evolved, grown and changed as this blogging journey takes place. I have learned so much about valuing myself, by dressing modestly, much like a queen, or in many of our cases, a princess.

How many Disney movies did you watch growing up? Countless, I would venture to say. Almost every Disney movie I can think of is based around a central female character -- better known as a "princess". These women, probably mostly being portrayed as women in their early 20's are polite, kind, caring, giving, happy and intelligent. There is a reason why these women are being portrayed as "princesses". These scripts didn't just write themselves. Somebody took the time to write out all of the qualities that embody a woman who is captivating and embraces her femininity to the fullest. What ever happened to feminism being feminine?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the concept of women being powerful. To me, it is obvious that women have the power and ability to be more powerful then men, however, in the words of very wise and respected friend of mine, Rya, this is not nessecarily done by being like a man. As women we should be allowed to embrace our femininity, softness and sensitivities in this hectic, chaotic world. Some women are more feminine than others, and there is nothing wrong with being at the complete other end of the spectrum-- but I believe that we should be encouraged to value ourselves as the feminine beings that we are if we so choose; that is one true version of feminism.

The following shoot is one that I did including some of my best girlfriends and a phenomenal, ground breaking photographer -- Jonah Light. I feel so lucky and fortunate to have been involved in this shoot with all of these hard working, goal oriented individuals who are all doing marvelous things for this world.

Please take the time to check out the bios and photos below :)

Special thanks to my friends <3

Jonah Light is an LA based photographer. True to his name, his Light-infused work speaks for itself.

Jonah's Photography Website

Alicia Sky is an up and coming incredibly talented singer song writer living in LA. She sings about all of her adventures and about loving yourself and following your dreams.

Alicia's Beautiful Disaster Music Video

Julia Barbie is a model, actress, manager, event planner extraordinaire. Need I say more? Read about Julia in my previous post, "The Weekend Away"

Julia's Manager Website

Rachel Kaufman is a model and professional home organizer. Her work is life changing.

Rachel's Modeling Instagram

Paula Slate is a seriously stellar makeup artist who we had the honor to work with during this shoot. She specializes in avant garde makeup.

Enjoy <3



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