For quite some time, I have been trying to live my the philosophy of "there is good in everything". It is indeed entangled in the basic philosophy of having faith and being generally optimistic. During the time I have decided to live like this, I have done so simply by flipping my thoughts on the bright side and by doing this, I always seem to find a hidden blessing. Positive energy creates a positive aura, which draws all the best things into your life, that your heart could ever wish for. If you have a dream-- a desire-- I believe you were born with the innate ability to be able to achieve it. Whether it takes going to school or locking yourself in a room for 3 days until you finish a project, you should not forget that YOUR positive attitude is pulling your dreams closer to you.

Speaking of pulling blessings to ourselves, I had a lot of fun working with new talented people on my last shoot in South Beach, Miami. I met a team of new people, which is always a treat. This shoot brought me back to my childhood, twinning with my best friend or my sister. The following are some of the photos, which has been something I have been envisioning for a while! Always a lovely feeling when your thoughts become reality.

Enjoy. <3




“So keep your head up, my love.”
— The Lumineers


Captured by the talented FLICKSBYEDD

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